Board of Nursing

Oregon State Board of Nursing
800 NE Oregon Street, Box 25
Suite 465
Portland, OR 97232
Voice: 503.731.4745
Fax: 503.731.4755

State Nursing Association

Oregon Nurses Association
9600 S.W. Oak, Suite 550
Portland, OR 97223
Voice: 503.293.0011
Fax: 503.293.0013

Nurse Practitioner Organizations

Nurse Practitioners of Oregon
9600 SW Oak Street, Suite 550
Portland, OR 97223-6599
Nurse Practitioner of Oregon's mission is to promote the practice of nurse practitioners in Oregon and the health of Oregonians through activities such as legislative lobbying, an annual education conference, a quarterly newsletter, a nurse practitioner photo directory and resource guide, and a nurse practitoner job registry.


NP Central
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