Board of Nursing

Arizona State Board of Nursing
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State Nursing Association

Arizona Nurses Association
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Nurse Practitioner Organizations

The Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice (CAZNAP)

The Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice is an organization formed as a grassroots effort to support Arizona Advanced Practice Nurses in their effort to be reimbursed fairly by third party payors for the work APNs (Advanced Practice Nurses) currently perform. This support includes efforts to communicate with the State Board of Nursing in making the appropriate changes to the rules to promote fair and safe practice while emphasizing that any failure to reimburse Advanced Practice Nurses because of physician employment and affiliation is a restriction of fair trade. We recognize that in the state of Arizona, Nurse Practitioners currently practice with physician collaboration. This collaboration is not necessarily a business relationship directly linked to reimbursement for services rendered. Currently there are insurance companies that WILL NOT reimburse APNs directly.
Cardiovascular Society of Advanced Practice Providers

The Cardiovascular Society of Advanced Practice Providers has a target audience of providers in Cardiovascular specialties, however we encourage anyone else with specific interest in cardiovascular disease. By providers, we mean Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Physicians, Nurse Educators, and anyone else responsible for the direct care and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease.


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