Board of Nursing

Alabama Board of Nursing
RSA Plaza, Ste 250
770 Washington Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130-3900
Voice: 334.242.4060
Fax: 334.242.4360

State Nursing Association

Alabama State Nurses Association
360 North Hull Street
Montgomery, AL 36104-3658
Voice: 334.262.8321
Fax: 334.262.8578

Nurse Practitioner Organizations

North Alabama Nurse Practitioner Organization

The North Alabama Nurse Practitioner Organization is home to Advanced Practice Nurses and APN Students or even folks who think they "might" want to be an Advanced Practiced Nurse. We include Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Midwives.


NP Central
10024 S.E. 240th St., Suite #102, Kent, WA 98031
Phone: 253.852.9042 Fax: 253.852.7725
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